It's TimeFor some changes

This past week was mainly spent cleaning up old videos and photos off my social media accounts as well as my devices. Now that I have to make a living off of my online work, many things are going to have to change.

I have been going to the Lostboys studio once per week, to record a song. These songs are going to be scheduled to come out in the coming weeks.

New content series: Sunday Updates

I have also decided that, as much as I love using social media for sharing content and interacting with my audience, it would be nice to have one central location to really share behind the scenes updates on what’s going on in my world.

I will be posting on this blog more often, and different types of posts (like this one) to engage with my community, and keep them up to date.

Anything going on in the world of Young Flux you can find here!

Please leave a comment with any suggestions for changes you would like to see implemented on my website 🙂